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Help Today For A Better Tomorrow

3.4 million U.S. citizens live in Puerto Rico, and they are entitled to the same government response as any state. Sadly, half of the American population does not know the need for aid or the severity of impact on Puerto Rico's population. Since the hurricane made landfall, hospitals have been running on generators with limited fuel, medication and personnel to help care for patients. It is our mission to help Puerto Rico during its medical crisis with aid in supplies, providers and basic care.


Our Mission

To bring expertise, hope, guidance, strength and resources to Puerto Rico during its desperate time of need. We are committed to providing immediate and ongoing expertise in medical aid, technological resources and rebuilding efforts.


What We Are Doing


Medical Aid

With leading surgeons and expert providers, our team is providing medical relief aid for Puerto Rican doctors and nurses. We are assisting Puerto Rico's medical network in delivering additional medications, surgical supplies and physicians to help patients throughout Puerto Rico.



Providing long-term technology resources for Puerto Ricans to access medical care no matter their location on the island. We are working with cutting-edge companies to ensure as Puerto Rico rebuilds their medical centers, they have options to see patients virtually and have access to additional training without having to leave the facility.



Working with renowned medical facility architects when the time comes to rebuild medical facilities. We will work with local organizations to restore a more innovative and durable hospital or medical centers throughout Puerto Rico.

Follow Our Teams

Follow our teams through multiple missions to Puerto Rico. See how your donations are making a difference.