Our First, But Not Last Trip.

Below is a video gallery of our first mission trip. Follow along with the team as they left Las Vegas to travel to Puerto Rico and take care of many of the residents on the island. We need your help! Please visit our donation page and help our cause as we start to prepare for our next trip. 

David and Walter explaining to locals how to use a portable water filtration product.

Homes destroyed in La Vega with Dr. Eduardo Ibarra.

Going home to home with Dr. Eduardo Ibarra.


One family showing us how they live day-to-day after the hurricane.

Homes that have been destroyed are still being lived in by residents. 

Make-shift clinic in Toa Baja discussing strategy for the day to see patients. 


Clinica Bantiox en Toa Baja - A Message from Dr. K. Warren Volker.

We saw many families in our clinic, including children and adults.

Walking through the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.


A message from Dr. K. Warren Volker and Dr. Jasmine Pedroso.

88 families are staying in this shelter with no transportation and relying on our care.

This patient had almost lost her from after the hurricane luckily we were there to help.